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How to Style Mindfully ::1 Coffee Table with 3 Looks

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

One of my absolute favourite things to design are coffee tables. They are such a fun way to refresh a space. The best part about it is that you can switch it up as your heart desires. I've come up with three looks for the same coffee table set in the same room.

Look 1 :: Earthy & Textural

For this composition, I’ve divided the decor items into three ‘groups’ of objects. They’re a mix of colours, textures and shapes to create unique visual pairings. Putting together organic shaped items like a conch shell 🐚, a fish bone shaped bottle opener and eucalyptus leaves 🌿 balance the more traditionally shaped round/rectangular tray, square book and cylindrical vases. Using neutral colours help with keeping the visual simple. Texture is what stands out the most.

Look 2 :: Simple & Monochromatic

Blacks, whites and greys ...a sophisticated combination that works beautifully in any space when done thoughtfully. I’ve made two groups of objects and played with scale. The large round tray balances the large rectangle books. To bring in some softness and texture, I’ve added a vase with an organic shape, smooth pebbles and foraged twigs. When items are paired in a balanced composition, you do not need a lot of things to work with...simple compositions still make a big impact.

Here's a quick video on how I made this super simple composition:

Look 3 :: Celebrating Spring

Spring is just the perfect season to start adding colour to our homes. I didn’t have too many brightly coloured things at home so I ended up using an art book to add colour and personality to a coffee table. I love using books for adding height but if it’s a good book with great visuals, why not leave it open!? I paired it with an orchid plant in celebration of spring and put them next to a simple collection of books.

Now that you have some inspiration to get your started, go on and get busy trying out different looks for your coffee table. I'd love to hear if you gave it a shot, reach me on Instagram @shastudioinc and tell me all about it!

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