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How to style mindfully :: 5 tips for a comforting home

Styling your home to make it more comfortable can be the difference between a good looking space and a space that makes you feels good inside. Here are my top five tips to create a more comforting environment for yourself.

Bring nature in

No matter how big or small your home is, bringing in some plants into your space is a cost-effective way to make your space instantly comforting. As humans, we are subconsciously drawn to nature more than our tech-filled lives would allow. Even bringing in a single succulent can have a significant positive impact on your mood.

Candle light

The Danes call it 'Hygge' (pronounced hyoo·guh). While there isn't a literal translation in english, it can be expressed as 'a quality of cosiness (feeling warm, comfortable, and safe)'. Lighting a candle is one of the top 'hygge' ways to create a comforting environment. It doesn't have to be an expensive scented candle, a basic unscented candle will do. It is the visual of a soft flame that does the magic. Practice safety and precaution with open flames though!


Our brains respond to music in an emotive way; it can make us feel things that we don't allow ourselves to feel in the busyness of getting things done. If you have a musical instrument stored away, bring it back up and let it be a reminder for you to play some music. If you aren't into playing any instruments, have a music player ready to play music that you feel drawn to.


When it comes to fabrics in your space, choose those that feel soft to you. It is not so much about what items they are (throw pillows or blankets), but more so about how everything feels to the touch.

My top recommendations are to use natural fabrics like cotton or linen as the dominant fabric in the item for utmost comfort and easy maintenance.

Nostalgic items

Sometimes, while creating a very stylish home, we forget about the things that make us feel connected to who we are on the inside. Always make space for the little things that hold meaning to you. For example, it can be a greeting card from a loved one or a concert ticket that reminds you of an eventful evening. Whatever it is, be sure to place it where you can easily find it.

Having a little box on the coffee table or a bedside drawer is a good storage solution to keep the items hidden from plain sight while still being accessible to you. Nothing is more comforting than being reminded of the love and joy that is in your life :)

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