BCTI- 'Nature' Hotel room
BCTI- 'Nature' Hotel room

Redefining luxury and pushing the boundaries of conventional hotel room design. The space is inspired by First Nations' people's relationship with nature and intuitively designed with a special focus on the relaxation of the guest. 

MAY. 2019
BCTI: 'Nature' :3D Renders via Sketchup + Enscape
BCTI: 'Nature' :Design Development
BCTI: 'Nature' :Floor Plan
BCTI: 'Nature' :South Elevation
BCTI: 'Nature' :East Elevation
BCTI: 'Nature' :West Elevation
Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 3.16_edited.jp
BCTI: 'Nature' :North Elevation
BCTI: 'Nature' :East Elevation
BCTI: 'Nature' : Finishes Selections 
BCTI: 'Nature' : 3D Laser cut wood model
Project-A-for dda9 (1)_edited.jpg
BCTI: 'Nature' : Details and Specifications package - Freehand sketches
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