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BCTI- Hotel room design :: Competition winning entry
Technology x Humanity
OCT. 2018

The concept asks us to renegotiate our understanding of a commercial stay experience; changing our association from what we see in a hotel room to how the environment makes us feel. It urges us to investigate if staying in a wholesome nourishing environment could actually refresh our minds and rejuvenate our spirits. Can it positively influence us to be a better version of ourselves and is that an experience that can be curated for a commercial stay?

The brief for the competition was to create a high-end hotel suite concept that delivered a luxurious guest experience using the latest technology for business people. The response to the brief was to create an open intuitive space that could emote positive, calm feelings upon entry for overworked guests. In this concept, technology effectively serves guests who'd like to feel most productive with clever gadgets and large work screens. At the same time, it is effectively used to help decompress, relax and even exercise for optimal mental and physical health. Colours were intentionally chosen; green to instil serenity and orange-red to promote activity. They are layered seamlessly on warm wooden textures sustainably sourced and aesthetically placed. The goal of the concept ultimately is to request luxury to be redefined from materialistic objects, to a personal feeling of wholesomeness. 

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