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design philosophy :: design is tells a soulful story about who we are

Sha Studio Inc. is a design studio started by Sha Lalapet in March 2020. The studio was born out of Sha's instinctive feeling to use interior design to tell our unique stories and positively influence the way we feel by uplifting our senses, on a day-to-day basis in our homes and places of work. Sha's passion drives her to create beautiful and highly-functional spaces that are personally customized to the needs, desires and well-being of her clients.

Through Sha Studio Inc., she creates designs that are truly reflective of her clients all across Toronto GTA and beyond. Her research-oriented approach and seamless organizational skills set her apart as being both a designer with utmost attention to detail as well as a thorough professional in creating successful designer-client relationships.

Sha's expertise in design comes from her personal international living experiences and opportunities designing a variety of her own homes in India, USA and Canada. Her extensive travels in Europe and Asia also play a huge part in her design knowledge. Sha finds great inspiration in nature, art and fashion and she expertly brings them into her design work. She believes in continuously learning, often finding unexpected inspiration and readily growing her design sensibilities through her craft.


Sha holds a diploma with honours in interior decorating. Her additional education previous to design includes humanities focussed degrees such as bachelors in journalism and masters in international studies. She is also a mental and emotional health advocate and widely uses her social media platform to bring attention to our emotions in an artistic manner.

Sha lives in a scenic neighbourhood in Pickering, Ontario with her husband and two rescue dogs Tasha and Momo.

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